Itinerary for the White Horses Ride

Here is our published itinerary for the White Horses Ride, 2017! Visits to 9 White Horse hill-cut figures in Wiltshire and Oxfordshire.  Numbers in brackets are very rough estimates of mileage. contact either Angela or Caro for more details. (See below) Friday 7th July:  Westbury to Easterton (12) no 1: Westbury White Horse Saturday 8th […]

Journeys with horses

Last week Lottie and I shared a 5 day adventure with three other horse and human combinations as we crossed the south west peninsula, coast to coast from near Bridport in Dorset to the beach near West Quantockshead in Somerset. It was so lovely to be back in the saddle, travelling across part of England […]

Request for Messages of Peace

Below is a flyer I have designed to launch our new mission.  I am sending out a request for ‘peace’ intentions to be added to my new banner for peace and harmony to accompany us on our White Horses Ride. If you have any white material: wedding silk, sail cloth, a cotton handkerchief maybe, ribbons, […]

Our First Meeting

Caro: After months of trying to find a mutually agreeable time in our busy lives, we finally settled on one Friday evening in May.  We agreed to meet at Sophy’s studio on the edge of Dartmoor, Devon, thanks to Sophy’s kind invitation, Brentor being sort of mid-way between my home in the far West of […]